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A Cookie is a text file used to determine the usage of a service on you unit. The cookie is saved on the unit and will be read when you return to the page. There are different types of cookies. Qliro uses four different types of cookies.

  • Session cookies which are temporarily saved on your unit during the duration of your page visit. This type of cookie is removed when you close the web browser.

  • Persistent cookies that are saved on your unit during a certain time. They are removed if you choose to delete them, or after the specified time is exceeded.

  • First-party cookies that are created by the page you visit.

  • Third-party cookies that are created by services used by the page you visit.

How we use cookies

At Qliro we use cookies on our web pages and in the check-out to improve your experience and the services we provide. We also use cookies to handle logins, make usage secure and to analyze usage of our services. Thanks to cookies we can store your settings and make it easier for you and other visitors to use Qliro. Cookies also enable us to give you more relevant information, for example in the app or via email.


To analyze usage and user patterns, we make use of analytic tools that use third-party cookies. The analyzes are completely anonymous and these third-party cookies contain no personal information. All to make it possible for us to improve our services, identify what we need to improve and what works well.

Change cookies

If you don't consent to our use of cookies, you can change the settings of your web browser or unit. You can choose to block all or some of the cookies, and whether to delete cookies when you close your web browser or unit.

Contact us if you have questions

Qliro’s Data Protection Officer will answer to potential questions related to your integrity. Please email us at: 

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